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DNA polymerase catalytic subunit DNA polymerase Acyclovir transporter ABC transporter, substrate- binding lipoprotein Solute carrier family 22 member 8 Thymidine kinase, cytosolic Guanylate kinase Nucleoside diphosphate kinase A Valacyclovir hydrolase Acyclovir triphosphate dGTP Aciclovir Aciclovir Aciclovir Valaciclovir Valaciclovir Pi Acyclovir monophosphate Pi Acyclovir diphosphate Pi L-Valine Magnesium Viral Proteins HHV Infected Cell Integration Nucleus Viral RNA Viral DNA Less Viral DNA is transported into the nucleus, therefore, less viral DNA is integrated into the host DNA. Transcription Translation Less viral proteins produced, fewer viruses can form. Cytosol Acyclovir triphosphate also gets incorporated into viral DNA, but since it lacks the 3'-OH group which is needed to form the 5′ to 3′ phosphodiester linkage essential for DNA chain elongation, this causes DNA chain termination, preventing the growth of viral DNA. Acyclovir triphosphate inhibits the activity of DNA polymerase by competing with its substrate dGTP. Viral DNA Viral mRNA Viral mRNA Hepatic Cell Cytosol Blood Vessel
Nucleus ORF28 UL30 Unknown CDR20291_0805 SLC22A8 TK1 GUK1 NME1 BPHL