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D-amino-acid oxidase D-amino-acid oxidase D-Arginine D-Ornithine H 2 O O 2 5-Amino-2-oxopentanoic acid NH 3 H 2 O 2 2-Oxoarginine Urea H 2 O 1-Pyrroline- 2-carboxylic acid H 2 O FAD FAD Extracellular Space Intracellular Space Peroxisome Peroxisome
Peroxisome DAO DAO D-Arginine D-Ornithine Water Oxygen 5-Amino-2- oxopentanoic acid Ammonia Hydrogen peroxide 2-Oxoarginine Urea Water 1-Pyrroline- 2-carboxylic acid Water Intestinal Microflora