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Thiamine transporter 1 Thiamin pyrophosphokinase 1 Cancer-related nucleoside- triphosphatase Thiamin pyrophosphokinase 1 Thiamine- triphosphatase Thiamine Thiamine ATP AMP Thiamine pyrophosphate H 2 O Thiamine monophosphate P i ATP ADP Thiamine triphosphate H 2 O P i Intracellular Space Extracellular Space
SLC19A2 TPK1 NTPCR TPK1 THTPA Thiamine Thiamine Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine monophosphate Thiamine pyrophosphate Water Thiamine monophosphate Phosphate Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine diphosphate Thiamine triphosphate Water Phosphate